I am waiting for you to disclose

A fate, a punishment to impose

A faulty soul, an error to dispose

A blessing now would be to repose


But how do you drown a fish in water?

How can a hawk in mid-air falter?

Norms and laws are a fragment of reality

But how can they, the course of my mind alter?


Define me

Or confine me

For in my search of me

I have found and than lost me


Vague is this expression with no meaning

Maybe the emotion and not the words I imply

What purpose are words not intended to commune

Maybe not the tongue but the ears are to reply


Flow of my hands, figure the untold relation

Stem now this feeling of a creator’s elation

For I must make sense to those who think me fool

So I write rhymes of happiness sitting on a stool


I do not know pain for I have never bled

I do not know hunger for I am so well fed

The pain for the poor that is in my words is so well refined

As the tower of my castle shows two villages of their kind


An ending of Frost or the conclusion of Blake

Fitting would be the end if written not by me

A man of humble origin am I and ordinary

O lord grant me a purpose and the talent to be