Staring down from above an angel saw

A woeful sight of a child raw


His hungry eyes distant did blaze

He wore a coat of olden days

His ribs felt cold so he hugged it tight

But his naked feet had lost the fight


The angel now saw the child’s desire

For the child gazed at a simple cake

And rumbling noises his belly did make

So the child begged the baker for heaven’s sake


The baker did not even a give a look

He shoved the child and locked the hook

The child stared at the locked door

A tear ran as something broke


The angel by now was a tower of rage

He cried in anguish to the ultimate Sage

He forgot his place and shouted at Him

But silence protected the Maker’s whim


The angel looked down at the child below

The white light turned a red glow

He screamed again but heard no voice

To hell with reason he made a choice


He jumped from heaven and skies did burst

Thunder roared and the seas did heave

The angel on his way took heaven’s fruit

And sweetest wine for the little one’s thirst


He flew down as fast as light

And the skies parted to give way

All of nature shook at the sight

As a ball of fire descended the height


The angel landed in front of the child

And looked at the being so mild

For the child he had given all

Now inevitable was his fall


He did not care but what’s this?

How could the child such a sight miss?

He called to him but no reaction came

He tried to touch but the result was same


The angel howled but the child could not see

He only saw the cake with bitter glee

The angel wrought with grief suddenly decided

And a bit of pain did subsided


He smiled at the child and looked up

He raised his arms and death visited

Both angel and child at once constricted

The child went to heaven as the angel died


For mortal eyes the scene did look

That another died of cold and hunger

A 19 year old harlot or maybe younger

Came running and in her hand was a cake

She held her son and sobbed with fervor