There was a time when water was like nectar and the sky was the bluest blue. The storms in the desert looked as if the ground had taken flight but ah nature was as gentle as a mother when she holds a frightened child. The fruits were sweet and we shared them among us like brothers, the tiger, the sheep and I. Music was in hearts and every soul sang and the angels danced. In the soothing moonlight, fairies came too and all were content.

But now the rivers run red for oh silence you wretched thing, you foul thing; how you lay in my heart, and crippled my body. Woe on you. Curse my hands, curse my being for I failed you tender child, I failed you. My warning was too late and the waves came and took with them man’s pride.

But I am not dead yet though I live on borrowed time, my spirit is withering. Reality consumes my dreams like a hungry beast; I mourn now the decay of man.

So rise now for the end nears, oh young lads, oh tender children, clash now with Titans for the sky is no longer blue and the Sun doth not shine. Life is a sacred duty and in this war do not fear the sword or the arrow for death is your shield.

Call me naive or whatever you please but remember that I will not live in a world of hate and suffering and I will not die till the day that both are defeated. People of this world behold for the time of dreams and legends is upon you.