I am the reason, the cause and the song, I am the light and the dark, I am the moon and the star. I come unto the world to run its course.


I see love and aspire to be the one who can see for I feel the sun saying to me that for you I rise, so take the mantle and my advice, you were given this status and greatness as a birthright, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Be your-self and creation will receive.


When I fall I see where I was, I realize that I am what I am and I see the loss. I knew love and music but have forgotten the cause. I was not meant to do but live it through for I am not the whole song but a little pause.

Old Age

Un-hinder my last and solemn flight, know that I have fought from womb till tomb; respite is what I seek for I forfeit the reward. I was like all, full of dreams and thought I could achieve what I sought but I failed like all for this is a road that ends at a wall.


I am back where I was; forgive me my Lord for I have lost. A fault a mistake was I, the burden was more than I could bear and so I share the fate of my kind and submit in anguish, as I could not fulfill your purpose, my dream. Every little thing I did wrong, I admit and deserve the fall but before the doors are closed and I am damned, to you God I pose a question. You made me and you made the world, why did you choose a thing of weakness and sin to carry the burden? Was I just to take the fall? The enemy outside and within was granted the weapons and permitted offense and I was not even sure. (A voice comes) ”oh my loveliest of creations, thou have crossed the venues of despair and are here not for the fall. Ye have treaded the path ordained and crossed the bridge and so now a secret is shared. Both ye and he are foolish to doubt your Creator’s perfection, you are His perfect equation and for the equation to be negated would be the work of one higher than God but know this that He is a master that was not taught”.