What is right and what is wrong? I have seen the sword kill and save.  Inspire my hand so that I can achieve the unattainable and inspire a Jew, inspire a Christian, inspire a Muslim and inspire all others but that is impossible they tell me, for difference grants us the duty to hate and we must carve the world in one vision and change all others until they become us and the world becomes inhabited by us.

They tell me that the Almighty who created this world of infinite diversity would like us to bring uniformity to His people and fix the world He created with His ineffable wisdom with our logical ingenuity and show the lost souls the right path.

To achieve this if we have to kill sons and fathers so be it as the tears of a mother, the screams of a sister, the hollow eyes of a daughter and the confused helplessness of a wife is nothing as long as we can make people perceive the Unperceivable the way we have perceived Him.

I most humbly agree as they are wiser than I am and stronger than I am, I must withhold my tongue for who am I to talk in matters such as these surely I can be confused but not enlightened, how dare I even think that, for enlightenment is for a special people, I am a simple man and know simple things and so I hide my rage and I hide my shame for I do see pain and I do see poverty but lack the courage, so I say this to you, be the leader be the hero and I will follow and I will praise, I beg you I am weak and with all my knowledge and all my talent I cannot but help the helpless and so the one who can break the shackle is all that I am and more than I am and it is to him I will pay homage.

But wait, it is not but talent that separates the destinies of men it is courage, sacrifice of what I hold dear frightens me to the core, I seek comfort by closing my eyes, shutting my ears and stopping my voice.

NO MORE, no more will I be a puppet of necessity, no more a pawn of conformity. I know now what must be done, I will do it now. May I bleed, may I die, may all condemn me from amid their circles, I will satisfy the purpose of my existence, I am holding the lantern, I am standing on the edge, I will die if I have to, if that is what it takes for me to inspire but one of the Other.