They dream no more! Of change, of greatness

They heed no more! Wails and cries

They feel no more! The shifting tide

They hear no more! The call of the hour

They try no more! Content with little

They see no more! The blinding light just over the horizon

They fear no more! An unknown death, an unmarked grave

Men devoid of hope, men devoid of purpose… a nation indulged in self-castigation!

They will not lead and will not be led, busy admiring the gleam of their shackles!

Ah! What ripened hour it is for a Hero to rise! When the merit is so low and the need so high!

I mock thee and poke your pride! Let me see if in this desolate land, a tinder yet burns, a dream incubates, a vision clears, a hero does rise!

For I lay hope at the altar of despair like a lamb, its haunches tied, its mouth muffled and soon I will slit its throat and with its blood curse the souls of all who did not try!