I am the reason of earth for me is the sun aflame, it burns for me, I am the universe, this universe is but for me and I not for this universe for I am for God the maker the creator, in his plan I am the performer, the main role is mine and these are but props. I guide creation as it is for my needs planned. My thought is the past, my vision the future, I am the present. I am the light, I am the dark, and I am but the extreme of him who with an utterance formed this dimension but molded me with his own hands. I am in the shadow of divinity. Who am I? I am a human, I am man, who walked this earth with bare feet, my skin soft, my flesh tender, my bones weak, and the earth mocked when I walked for I could not, it teased me, it taunted me, it showed me the birds which could fly, which I could not, it showed me fish which swam, which I dared not, it showed me lions and tigers, bears and snakes, strong and fierce, it strived to frighten me when it shook the earth beneath my feet, it tortured me with wind, rain and snow, volcano’s erupted to rupture my will but o creator be witness I survived, when I was but two and now I am but infinite, I flew a flight unsurpassed, I have touched the last limit of the deepest ocean, the beasts now fear me for they know my vengeance and the power of nature I have but not tamed but know its next move so that I move when it has not. So laughed earth, when I came that is this the creature that would carry the burden of the plan? I have proven oh creator be witness. Ah but you think I am a brute as thought the angels with wings and wisdom in their circles for I was not light and they were and they but thought how will the path be shown without radiance for they did not know that with but soil and dirt the path is laid, so when I saw the sun nurturing but a seed into a flower I learned love with love I found God here on this orb, here on this damp rock covered with dust in it caves in its forests in its swamps I found him as hope, on hope I sauntered and the earth embraced change, change that is but I.